Sep 15, 2012

Upcoming kits, and WIP 4

I will start this post with a look into my future builds. The first one is something I have been waiting a long! time for. Thehelmosengine's Drehksturm! My kit is being poured as I type and I am beyond excited. As I said I have been waiting patiently for this kit to be completed. I only hope I can do justice to what will end up being the second Drehksturm ever built! The pictures below are from the first one completed by Decay. Needless to say I seriously doubt I will go with anything close to this paint scheme.

This is where I am in the prep. The kit uses the MG Zeta 2.0 frame as a base. So I am taking my old Zeta build and purple powering the old paint off so I can clean the pieces and prep them for the resin parts. 

The other kit in my future from Thehelmosengine is this guy... the Lanzegeist. The video will do way better giving you all the information if you are interested in joining me in building this awesome fully transformable resin kit.


Now WIP 4:

In current works, I have been working hard on the MSA-0011 [BST] Gundam. I have all the pieces done with initial glueing and ready for scribing and priming.

 here you can see how I lined up the pal-plates so I could fill the gaps on the shoulder pieces. After they are glued in place and it has cured; I take an exacto knife and shape it then a little sanding it all is done. Gap covered.

 Here it is with the gap covered.
 My other challenge has been lining up the gun on the arm and having it fit under the body and shoulder. So I ended up taking a really long pin and using that, but it stuck out so I took multiple pieces of plate and used Proweld on them. After letting it dry overnight the proweld took what you see below and basically chemically melted it all together so it was as simple as shaping the plastic to the wrist was longer.

 Just a quick shot of my hotel priming is so humid here that 7 hours later the primer is still tacky, and I will now officially say I am not a fan of rustoleum primers for plastic and resin. They come out too thick for this work. I am going to end up spending hours cleaning up thick primer spots.
 The scribing was also started today. Nothing amazing or new, just a quick few shots.

 And more details were added for this apparatus lots of little tubing and plate to make it look better.

 Just some true WIP photos while I was bending the plastic tube.

 And the after photos.

 Much better, now it looks like something that belongs. I am not sure why, but it was supposed to have some connector that didn't connect to anything so I thought I would just make it better. In my opinion I did.

A busy update I know, but an important one.
As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.


  1. Tember the cabling looks great! I think it really does help sell the idea of large machinery. You are really making quick progress on such a huge kit.

    And thanks for the plug, I'm hoping to have the cast done within the week if all goes well. Can't wait to see your work on it!

  2. Don't worry, I found a place for more cables of course. I am holding back a lot though. No need to over do it on such a detailed kit.

    I am excited to get me hands on the Dherk, and to see more of your work continue.