Sep 20, 2012

MSA-001[BST] Gundam WIP 6

As I set off to drive back home; I took a few pictures, as I am not able to contain how cool this thing looks with all the booster packs attached! I know the actual boosters arent on there yet, but they dont stay on with out a ton of sticky tack, and I am far too lazy for that at this moment. (: The gun and everything set nice and tight too. I may need to reinforce the base due to the overall weight of this kit, but thats an issue for when I am at home and have all my tools again. You can see on the left side (for you) right side of the Gundam the wing, the left one wouldn't stay on and I already had to glue and sand one down after it snapped in shipping.

The white circles in the upper boosters are .040" plastic I didn't like how low in the extra fuel pods sat so I used that to raise them up some.
The wires and other little details added to the underside add a nice little something.

As you can see by the upper right booster, globs of putty I still have clean up to do. The putty I am using is harder than the Tamiya kind, but it takes considerably longer to dry. Normally needs 12+ hours for a good hard cure.

And with this happy guy staring you down, I bid you a wonderful weekend. Mine will be spent in a car.
As always, thank you for stopping by T.G.


  1. That looks pretty heavy man.I like what your doing on this project.Take it slow.Looking great so far!

    Good luck bro!

  2. Heavy is one word for it. Its killing me to go slow, but I am working on it. Thanks man.