Oct 20, 2012

MSA-0011[BST] Gundam WIP 7

A long time between updates, but a cross country drive and finishing unpacking, along with figuring a new job out will do that I suppose. I have been working on my kits, though. I am actually 95% complete at this point. I need to do some touch up and detail painting, panel lining, and decals then I will be complete. I have to say that I am really happy with how the boosters came out! I will also let you know that no matter how many times I do it I hate masking. It almost makes me want to do a super simple color scheme, but then I sit back and look at it, and I have to be me. I also added my new logo. My Cousin completed it, and the new website banner for me. And it is greatly appreciated. All that said enjoy the sneak peak at the almost completed partially glued together kit. With the weather cooling off quickly it takes a lot longer for things to cure and dry completely.

No need for a lot of words, I tried to chose a simple color scheme in regards too how many different colors I used, but still adding in different shades of the colors to add depth.

The grill has yet to be buffed out. The paint I used is rather interesting, if you AB it you can buff it to a shine, if you brush it on, then you are not able to buff it at all. Its just dull.

And here you can see where after buffing I still had some of the residue on my thumb and after smearing it onto the white; I tried to clean it off. Needless to say that didn't go well at all. Some repaint will be required.
Thats all you get for now. I am hoping to find more time to work on this tomorrow. 
Thank you for stopping by T. G. 


  1. Love the thrusters man, and the color scheme is pretty cool as well.

  2. those thrusters are a stunner bro! I love the shading you've done on those. The deep blue color concept is cool.

    Cant wait for the finish project.Good luck !!

  3. Thank you for the love, I like the thrusters a lot as well. Too bad it would be hard to explain why I am displaying this guy from the back all the time. Just need to get the decals done at this point. Still working out a plan of attack for those.