Nov 2, 2012

Intro: MSA-001[BST] Gundam Ver Tem.

The beast if finished!!! This thing was a huge challenge for me with all the parts not fitting just right and other challenges, but I overcame them and I will say I am extremely please with how this Resin 1/100 MSA-001 [BST] Gundam came out. All in all it took me about 3 months to complete. With masking for the individual colors taking a week or so in there. Masking is truly a time consuming process. The end result is this:

MSA-001 [BST] Gundam Ver Tem.

You would not believe how much time and effort I spent trying to get this perfectly straight....

This was my first time overspraying I did it on the side of the boosters with a soft mask, but on the boosters I did an orange base then used a clear red to give the ends a little more color.

Thats what I got for you today. I am currently finishing a Rezel Command type. its a straight build and paint though. And as of today I begin working on Thehelmosengine's Dhreksturm!

As always thank you for stopping by T.G.

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  1. The booster looks boss as hell Russ! I love the smooth paint, the color separations are great, and the panel lines are dark and help show the details well. The decal placement is well done as well. Bravo man!

    ps looking forward to drekky a ton! :D