Nov 14, 2012

MG Rezel Command Type

In the interim of cleaning and sanding I have been working on a kit for my Sister. Her favorite color being of the most painful colors to come up with a decent looking scheme for. What colors can you mix with too christmas, much like a plant, and the list goes on so my idea...Green will mix well with green.

But to start off Below is the huge beam rifle. I did a dark steel then over sprayed it with a metallic blue.

More masking even using just green.

The winter work area.

And here are the pictures as I have completed the tiny but of panel lining on the kit. I did a lot of fades on this kit to add to the details and depth instead of doing a lot of heavy panel lining. My goal was to keep this kit really bright.

I will start decals soon, while I slowly work on my Drekky. I am having to leave the primer to set for over 24 hours to ensure good adhesion.

As always thanks for stopping by. T.G.

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