Nov 9, 2012

Thehelmosengine's Drehksturm WIP 1.

Welcome to a MUCH!!! anticipated build!

This has been over a year of waiting to get my hands on this thing. I am building #2 from Thehelmosengine (

A little about this model so far, it is a resin style kit. I have no other way to explain it. The material cleans up almost like plastic. After a little time working on it, I have found that plastic style glues sort of work though. Super glue is still my best bet to get adhesion especially when gluing posts. I will just stay safe in the end and use epoxy for final assembly. The clean up was pretty standard, Purple Power for a few days, then about a week in dish soap followed by a toothbrush and drying time.
As this is a conversion kit; I had to clean off an old build to get the old paint off of my Zeta 2.0 build. Purple power in a very highly concentrated form for this did the job.
Here is the high quality packaging! Everything separated, and bubble wrapped.

Post cleaning pre primer:
As is normal some of the fits on the resin to resin pieces have not been perfect, so a little pla-plate and the gap is filled.
Below: To get a smooth finish and not have to sand away a ton of the material, I used a thin piece of plastic to get a very smooth finished look. Worked like a charm I must say.

Here you can see some of the clean up work in progress. The resin material is really easy to sand down though.
I added a few pieces of plate for details...the lower pieces ended up being removed due to them getting in the way of other pieces fit.

I decided also that the pods on the sides of the head needed to sit a little higher in the front. So I pinned them in a position that holds them up a little bit, and putty'd in the gap.

And here are the pieces in question...Once I started fitting them I found that my added plates were in the way. Just goes to show why I normally fully build a kit before I start to add stuff....
Here are some post partial clean up primed pictures.
Not done by any means, but much better.
Don't mind the hole in the back its where the pin for the backpack goes.
And the head.

Thats where I am at for now. 
As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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  1. Dude Russ that is looking killer! You are cleaning it up super nice bro. I know it's not the cleanest cast in the world but you are gonna make it top notch no doubt. The shoulder pods look really good filled in and the pack is gonna line up great. Keep us posted man!!