Aug 18, 2012

The O (Resin) WIP 3

Man, oh man, free time in a hotel room allow a lot of time to complete some resin work. I have met my goal of being able to paint by the weekend. The O has been primed as you can see.
Not perfect by any means, but spray can primer can get thick fast, and I would end up losing a lot of little details. I am trying to avoid the loss of details obviously. This kit is supposed to look rough on the armor, but honestly the small lines are very fine, and fill with paint very easily, even after I cleaned them out with scribing tools.
After painting the frame components, and stealing a skill learned from Warhammer painting, I used a wash to bring out the details that are there. I am really happy with how it came out, as my last attempt to use a wash on a Gundam ended very poorly. If I remember it ended in said Zaku exploding (after I threw it in frustration from basically wasting a month of work and $50 in custom metal parts).

Here is the first color starting to be laid down. I am not going for a crazy color scheme this time. Its not a huge model, so I was afraid if I did too many colors it would be overwhelming to look at. I am sticking with a 2 primary color scheme, with some additional colors to bring out the little details.
The hand painting is a challenge for sure, but not having to mask is kind of nice.
Here is the second color, with some of the metal detailed out in gold to add some pop to the frame. I think the blue really contrasts well with the grey and adds a much needed brightness.
Here is the chest section. I am having to paint in sections, so I don't touch the paint too much. Did I mention its a 1/144 model? I miss working on 1/100's  So much bigger. I will also say that I have learned to not rush to glueing sections together. Its adding to the challenge of painting the really tight sections for sure. But such is life.
Work will continue of course.
As always, thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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