Oct 1, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV, and more

Well here I am day 3 of playing FFXIV, and its pretty freaking great! Would love to see some fellow Gunpla artists on there! I am continuing my work on The O, its a slow process as hand drilling holes 3mm apart starts to make my hands hurt after about an hour or 2, so its going to take some serious time, but I am liking the end product a lot. Started the next project also, as sprue cutting with my uber powered cutters isn't any stress at all. I will leave it a secret for now, I am purely in the snap it together stages, no clues at to the direction the build will go. I may actually go with the intended color scheme. Scary I know. I did for the first time, break from symmetry on a few pieces of The O's armor plating. All right until next time. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. The game looks fantastic. Can your rig run this game in it's full graphical glory? My rig was the top rig....back in 2007...now is probably way below mid & low range. But I'd recently beefed it up with a better graphic card, but still running XP as my OS.

    So the game is like WOW only better graphics? What so good about it? I like RPG...actualy was playing Dragon Age the other day on my PC. Is truly epic of a RPG. But FFXIV seems like a game that would take a huge chunk of time out of my day to really get into it. But the graphic is luring me back to youtube to watch more gameplay sequences....

    I better stick with short multiplayer game like BF BCII. And once Civilization V is updated with 'play by email' function, I will probably dwell into that as well with some strategy savy friends.

    Wait....why are we talking about games?? Back to gunpla we go...