Oct 18, 2010

The O WIP 6...Nope not holes

Paint this time! body coloring is done for the major colors anyways there are always details to be maintained. Sorry for the break, medical reasons for that one. I didn't stray too far from the originally intended color scheme for this guy, but in my normal way I could not manage to leave it one color. I tried I really did, but its just so....well one colored, and that is just not for me. I did a pre-shading in red to go with a theme that will be clear later once major detailing is completed. For now its just red pre-shading I know.
Just a glimpse into the color scheme, another break away for me is a break from symmetry. I did 90% of this guy symmetrical, but I thought that field repairs and such would have allotted for things to be a little different. Either way I like it.
A lot of stuff left to do, Gundam Guy hooked me up with the decals for this guy! Thank you again for that! Panel lining and some other firsts for me on this guy should be fun. Hopefully Dr. keeps giving me good answers so I have energy to work. Enjoy.


  1. wow.. how do you do the different colors? looks like a real metal plate altogether!

  2. The colors scheme is looking swell there. =) I like it. I have a good feeling about the 2 tone of brown colors that you are using.

    You actually panel lined the to thigh pieces differently,this is the first time I'd seen anyone did that.

    Pls give us an update again soon! I really want to see the finish work.

  3. @ Syful, Masking tape and a lot of it. I paint one color mask and cut along the lines I want then paint the next color.
    @ GG. Paint is just done assembling it tonight, with detailing it and such. I will post a few pre panel lined and other added detail pics before i do anything so they exist for people to enjoy.