Oct 29, 2010

The O Dio process started...

What is this you ask? I thought this was a Gunpla blog not some die cast blog.

Told you it wasn't done. The O Dio process has started. To be fair this will be number three on the current list of projects, PG 00 Raiser, RB-79/F-91 Dio, then The O Dio.

I have to start collecting the parts and planning early to ensure that I can build it all the way I envision it. It is still in the earliest of planning, but being an American I found these beauties and decided that as I am not a master tank builder I would use these lovelies and go from there. I am going to use the M3A2 Bradley and the M1A2 Abrams in the dio. Just a small update for The O.

On other projects noted the legs are finished for the PG 00 Raiser, and the F-91 is 40% snap fitted, One of the RB-79's is done already I still need to start the second one. Gundam Guy is once again where I am getting my parts and decals to make my master pieces happen. Thanks for looking!

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