Aug 31, 2010

MG Unicorn WIP 3

Here it is another installment of WIP time. Nothing like a Typhoon to give you time to go insane with Pla-plate! I know I said I wasnt going to do much with it, but in the end I just could not resist. Plus I wanted to see how well the new cement I got from Gundam Guy worked (it worked nicely by the way) Needless to say, I am in agreement with those that thought the back center section was too short, it just did not match, and I was feeling brave so I did my very first cut and paste. it looks rough still, but is completely smooth to the touch.

Here is the final snap fit check prior to break down, for sanding and paint. All in all I am pleased with the Ver Tem look.

Aug 27, 2010

Unicorn WIP 2

All right this is a small one. All the scribe work is done. I tried to stay with the style of the Unicorn and do a lot of angles. I went with the suggestion of trying to show more of the destroy mode (pink for right now) I have one leg done. It takes a lot of shifting between modes to see what will look right or even be seen at all. The angles closed aren't perfect, but open I think they look good. The arms and chest are next, but there is as I stated before, a lot of looking 3 and 4 times before I cut. Just thought it was time for a tease. Color scheme suggestion are still open, I have an idea, but will take what people have to see what can be done.

Hope you enjoyed.

Aug 22, 2010

My Little Gundamer

Well, while the intention was to have my daughter pick out the colors for her Gundam (she doesn't know I am customizing the Infinite Justice for her) some how I got talked into a girl gundam. Some SD Gundam she found in the Yamada. So I cut all the pieces and she snapped them together, it was a good team effort. Granted my wife just laughed at me saying I was a sucker.

There it is, the Girl Gundam. Barbie lookout there's a new boss in town.

Aug 20, 2010

X-1 Crossbone Gundam DONE!!!

After much work and attention to detail as I invented the decal layout for this guy. Didn't like what I was given so I went another route. -_- All in all this kit was a lot of fun. My first time cutting any parts of the panels, and at least in my humble opinion the scribe work is much improved from my last kit to this one! :l I did a little crossing of the colors to give it some added flavor, I will say doing a half and half scheme adds a ton of possible mistakes. I truly had to keep EVERY thing for one color separate at all times! The fact that there were no poly caps is nice also everything sit tightly and movement is smooth. Even though the red decals didn't show on the red all that well, I did put everyone down where it went. It felt futile at times, but I think they show in the photos well. All in all, I am pleased with the kit; there was a lot of potential to customize and add pla-plate. I kept it simple with the plating focusing on the scribing, knowing I was going to do the panel lines in red to bring them out; I really wanted to get a lot of that effect. Well for those of you who haven't just moved on to the pictures. Enjoy X-1 Crossbone Ver. Tem
Just kidding, that is just the awesome custom base! I thought it was worth a picture also.

Hope you enjoyed. Please post comments on what you think. Until next time. Gunpla on!

Aug 17, 2010


Needless to say the First MG I built was dropped from my daughters shelf. Nothing major, just a sad moment.

So I have decided to do as she keeps asking me to and paint her gumdum (as she says it) pink. I am not decided on any other details at this point. I just thought I would share the sad story of Justice's downfall.

Aug 15, 2010

1000 Hits.

Thank you all for visiting my site, helping me to reach the first of many (I hope) milestones of adding zero's to me counter.
On a serious note, X-1 should be done in a few days.

Aug 14, 2010

X-1 WIP 5...Paint almost complete.

Here is just a quickie for your enjoyment! The major colors are done. There are only a details left to paint.

I love how the red came out! Red Madder is a great shade of red for detailing. Really strong red. Might make a good color to do an entire scheme based on. Anything is possible after the orange Sinanju.

The Leg is just one half the gundam, the sword placed in the back is the same black as the other side is.
I am excited to see this guy completed! I am going to panel line in red to bring out the details and stay a way from the norm, as is the case with me any ways( who wants to be normal)

Enjoy the sneak peak!

Aug 10, 2010

Unicorn WIP 1 Snapfit

While waiting on the weather to clear up here I finished the snap fit on my MG Unicorn. It is a sweet Gunpla for sure, my challenge is what color scheme to use? I know it want the destroy mode pieces to be painted in clear orange, but the body I am at a loss. This is why this guy sat in its box half built for quite some time now. I really don't know what direction to go. Leave it as is white, or do something bold to it. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Aug 8, 2010

X-1 WIP 4. and a good day.

First things first...Yamada was good to me. Found this guy first store first day looking. Got some extra paint and some plans for him...possibly my next build who knows at this point. I know not every one is excited about this guy, but the potential to upgrade and detail this guy is amazing to me. I could not resist. Even with the Yen rate being terrible!
Here you can see the final unsanded versions of the chest, arms, and legs. I kept the waist pretty plate free, I like the way the looked with out the plating.

Not really a lot to say about it. The pictures show everything I need to get some Thin cement for sure. I can see the need for it now, but that is in hind sight. I will begin the adventure of wet sanding tonight after dinner kids willing. Should be ready to prime in the next day or so.

Aug 6, 2010

X-1 WIP3

Putty fun...first time filling in gaps with putty and I must say it improves the look of the shoulder skulls a lot. Filled them last night and let them sit almost 24 hours to ensure it was dry. Then I used an emery board to sand the rough stuff and moved to 600 grit wet sand paper to smooth it out. I will end up sanding it again with 1000 grit, but for now that is good.

This is prior to sanding of course a lot of extra to smooth out.

After some work it looks good to me. A little fine tuning still to do.

Here you can see the front skirts after panel lines have been scribed. I am getting close to pla-plate time. I can see now that I need to square off the area I cut out a little more, but the symmetry is good on both sides.

Here is the torso all scribed.

Torso continued.

Almost done with the panel lines. I am not sure what direction I am going to go on the full cloth portion, but it will end up having something extra awesome if my plans work out!