Oct 29, 2010

The O Dio process started...

What is this you ask? I thought this was a Gunpla blog not some die cast blog.

Told you it wasn't done. The O Dio process has started. To be fair this will be number three on the current list of projects, PG 00 Raiser, RB-79/F-91 Dio, then The O Dio.

I have to start collecting the parts and planning early to ensure that I can build it all the way I envision it. It is still in the earliest of planning, but being an American I found these beauties and decided that as I am not a master tank builder I would use these lovelies and go from there. I am going to use the M3A2 Bradley and the M1A2 Abrams in the dio. Just a small update for The O.

On other projects noted the legs are finished for the PG 00 Raiser, and the F-91 is 40% snap fitted, One of the RB-79's is done already I still need to start the second one. Gundam Guy is once again where I am getting my parts and decals to make my master pieces happen. Thanks for looking!

Oct 23, 2010

The, Paint and rebuild complete. Its still a WIP(7) though.

All right!!! This huge project is coming to an end! I finished panel lining it last night took a little longer than it normally does, but it came out nicely. Took some early morning photos for you to enjoy. This guy is 90% done at this point I need to do some planning on the decal placement. I might actually follow directions who knows....not likely. The eye looks great, thanks Gundam Guy!

And there you have it. The improved Heavy Weapons version The O.

Oct 18, 2010

The O WIP 6...Nope not holes

Paint this time! body coloring is done for the major colors anyways there are always details to be maintained. Sorry for the break, medical reasons for that one. I didn't stray too far from the originally intended color scheme for this guy, but in my normal way I could not manage to leave it one color. I tried I really did, but its just so....well one colored, and that is just not for me. I did a pre-shading in red to go with a theme that will be clear later once major detailing is completed. For now its just red pre-shading I know.
Just a glimpse into the color scheme, another break away for me is a break from symmetry. I did 90% of this guy symmetrical, but I thought that field repairs and such would have allotted for things to be a little different. Either way I like it.
A lot of stuff left to do, Gundam Guy hooked me up with the decals for this guy! Thank you again for that! Panel lining and some other firsts for me on this guy should be fun. Hopefully Dr. keeps giving me good answers so I have energy to work. Enjoy.

Oct 8, 2010

The O WIP 5. tutorial.

All right, as I sit here needing a break from drilling holes and measuring, I thought that some of you might want to see just how I did all those little holes to closely together with out them looking all randomly placed. Here is how I did it.

1. Ruler and a pencil, measure the gap you are using and mark with the pencil in this case I am using 3mm.
Here is what one side looks like after step 1. The thing here is because its pencil I can't mark to far ahead or I will end up rubbing it off as I manipulate the piece so I can hold it tight enough to drill it.
2. After all the lines are placed. I then draw the vertical lines at some places the line is thicker this is a visual reference for myself to know I need to go lower or higher on the line. This part is key to keeping everything lined up though.
3. Drill, drill, drill, more drilling, and still more drilling. Just this side skirt consisted of 58 holes to be drilled. Remember though because its all hand measured and you are measuring against lines you scribed in the amount and placement of the marks may not match exactly on each side. That is the part in the end I think is really going to help this work stand out though. Too much symmetry can get boring.

All right that is the drilling part. Fun stuff there; it looks great IMO, but I will not be doing this again any time soon.

Now as I work on making the additions look less like the freedom parts they are and more like a high powered weapon setup, I had to add some power cables. This is a preview of what I started tonight the work is all still very rough, but you can get a glimpse into my vision for this thing.
Above: Backside of the mount for the 2 large beam rifles.
Above: Side view of the mount.
Above: Forward facing view of the mount. Still need to get some sanding done, ( I hate that part).
So you can see a lot of work has been done in the past few days I am counting down the pieces left to drill, 4 left...so close then a lot of sanding and clean up prior to making final decisions on paint and such. Hope this helps you. Enjoy GUNPLA!!

Oct 7, 2010

GG Infinite!!!!

All right, most of you may already know who Gundam Guy is, but some may not know that there will soon be another place to go to get your North American/FPO Gundam fix. Gundam Guy is close to opening his business officially. If you are in need of something right now you can email him; that will quell the fix until he officially opens for business.

Thank you for all the help and hard to find parts! Above is a link to GG's blog and the official update.

Oct 6, 2010

Back to GUNPLA!!!!! The O WIP ?4?

Well as you can see I have uploaded a lot of photos. I have been working hard on drilling holes. It is unbelievably time consuming. 3mm spacing and a rigid ruler, but the end look in my opinion really does have a look of an old tank, or piece of armor.
There have only been about 3-4 times where I have gone through. I haven't decided if it is going to affect the look enough for me to back it and fill it or not though.

Below you will see the "improvements" I have made to The O, making it truly a Ver. Tem. I am not giving everything away just yet, but needless to say on the backpack I am adding 2 large beam guns, this is the piece that will hold them. I had a Freedom Gundam that I messed the paint up on when I first started, I just couldn't bring myself to throw the kit away; luckily that worked out nicely; I will have to remove the paint before I start working on it, but that's all right.
When you add weapons, you need to find a way to power them, I added this to the huge!!! butt plate, and will take some wire and brass springs to make it look like a power supply. I have also done some seam line removal on it, but that is not reflected in the picture. And as you can see this guy can now fire from the hip! I just can't see the biggest MG I have seen so far with one gun and some beam swords. He should be a long and close range threat. Hope you enjoy the pictures. there are about 6-8 more pieces to drill before I can begin the paint work on this guy. So close...

Oct 3, 2010

By Request. FFXIV Review.

I will start by saying that I am not a pro-gamer, nor am I a Senior player in the game. I have been playing for a few days. I must say that the graphics blow most other games out of the water! Granted my Computer is capable of running the game at its highest settings. The game says its casual gamer friendly (1-2 hours daily game play.) I am personally not seeing this at all, but it is an MMO so that is to be expected. My chief complaints are the targeting system is a pain to use especially while tanking. The story line starts off well right away, but as with all Square-Enix games is a long story line so very little details in the beginning. This game is not like WoW in any way. That game is really easy to level in and honestly after playing that game its too easy to level. ( I did 28 lvls in one weekend) Any way I digress, FFXIV is challenging in that you will need to level 2 jobs at a minimum so you can truly compliment what ever position you want to fill for example: Marauder-Gladiator then you will be a stronger Area of Effect (AoE) tank, if you are Marauder-Lancer then you will deal higher Damage Per Second (DPS). There are a lot of combos and not a lot of people putting guides out for higher levels. This is the other interesting thing in FFXIV; there is a fatigue system in which after a certain point (I have not found it yet) You will no longer gain physical XP, and after that your job will stop gaining XP, this can be countered by leveling another job; so not a lot of concern for the hard core gamer there. The game is fun, there are a million things to do as is standard with Final Fantasy Games and Square-Enix in general. The graphics are amazing if your computer can handle it. If you have some time to spend and are looking for an MMO this is a good one that is still new enough to not be crushed with end game players.

Oct 1, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV, and more

Well here I am day 3 of playing FFXIV, and its pretty freaking great! Would love to see some fellow Gunpla artists on there! I am continuing my work on The O, its a slow process as hand drilling holes 3mm apart starts to make my hands hurt after about an hour or 2, so its going to take some serious time, but I am liking the end product a lot. Started the next project also, as sprue cutting with my uber powered cutters isn't any stress at all. I will leave it a secret for now, I am purely in the snap it together stages, no clues at to the direction the build will go. I may actually go with the intended color scheme. Scary I know. I did for the first time, break from symmetry on a few pieces of The O's armor plating. All right until next time. Enjoy.